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What is Word Counter?

Word Counter can be used for various reasons. The basic use is as lies in the word itself. You can use this to count words anywhere. Importance

This is mostly used by webmasters and it is important for them for an exact count of the words. While writing a blog post or an article webmasters must use at least 300 words or above. To accomplish this rule most bloggers use this tool. Also, this tool is very much useful for some other purposes added in this tool. Especially, you can check exact characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Most importantly, you can create an SEO article using this tool. Because reading time also plays an important role in SEO. This tool shows the exact time your article will take to read by a user. Last but not least your article will show a readability score that will help you to create a perfect SEO article.

Writing articles is the most important factor for every blogger if you want to pursue your career in the blogging field. And if you want to be successful you must know how to write catchy articles with attractive titles and descriptions.

This tool will help you to ease your work immensely. If you are a blogger or webmaster you will find this tool very helpful once you start using this tool to write articles. By creating the best articles you can attract a lot of visitors. This will help Google to determine where to rank your article on Google's Search engine result page.


The tool is extremely helpful for every webmaster and blogger. To achieve great success in the blogging field you can keep this tool an arsenal in your armory. So go ahead and use this tool for greater success in blogging. Thank you!!!
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